Our name is changing- we will soon move to “Flick and Fly Journal”

Well, there has been much debate over the last year about changing our name and we have finally decided to go ahead with it… So we are sadly (or happily depending on which of us you talk to) moving over to flickandflyjournal.com. You will also be able to find and follow us at flickandflyjournal.tumblr.com, facebook.com/flickandflyjournal and through instagram (coming soon) and twitter (coming soon).

So for the next couple of months, we will keep fishinginsoutheastaustralia.com open while we work out moving over all our old content to the new blog as well as giving you all a bit of time to move over and follow us at our new home.

So stay posted and we will soon be bigger and better at our new home, with loads of cool stuff coming up for the blog (Aitutaki trip in September, videos and loads of other stuff) , as well as a few new voices dropping in from time to time.

Thanks for the support and hopefully you follow us over to our new home


Fishing in South East Australia (aka Flick and Fly Journal)