What we are doing over the weekend and some cool fly fishing vids

I promised you all an actual fishing post after my last links post and I delivered, although the fishing wasn’t great. I was actually catching something… However, given the spate of 3oths, birthdays and the like I’ve had since I’ve been back in Melbourne its been pretty hard to get out and get in a good fish. Added to that there has been a lot of rain, so the trout streams are apparently pretty high and pretty hard to fish, so with my lack of time, I haven’t bothered making the trip up. So really the only fishing I’ve done over the last few weeks is a few half arsed sessions close to home trying to nab myself a carp on fly… Again, waiting is probably the best bet here as well, but sometimes a mans gotta fish. The muddy water makes sight fishing pretty damned hard… I’ve spotted a couple in the local waterways, but so far have yet to be able to cast to them, given overgrown banks etc. In two sessions, so far, I’ve dropped one good fish,  but thats been the only piece of action… On the up side, I’ve done a fair bit of exploring and have found some water close to home which I’m sure to hit up more and more as spring roles into summer…

Lee, being in a similar position to myself, too bust to actually do much “real” fishing has been chasing the same target as myself. Carp on fly. So I suppose we have a blog race. At the moment, I’d probably put my money on Lee, Canberra has had a lot less rain, so the water is clearer and he has been sight-fishing to breeding carp this week. No fish landed but a few takes, so if you’re going to put money on either of us, he is your man. Anyway, carp on fly is something I’m sure I will achieve sometime in the next couple of weeks, so even if I lose the race it wont be too bad, it won’t take me long to catch up 🙂 If you’re interested, fly fishing for carp is a big deal in the States and elsewhere and there are some great blogs e.g here and here. Definitely an underutilized fishing resource here, given they are found so much closer to home than many of the other fish we target. So once daylight saving kicks in, consider heading down and giving it a shot after work. I’m sure its a hell of a lot of fun 🙂

In other news, I will actually be going fishing in the next week, so will have something to write about! Off to Canberra to see a friends new baby, then a weekend in the Kangaroo Valley, where I’ll have a go at catching some bass and then down to Eden for a few days, to work and if I’m lucky hopefully get onto a few kingies and the like 🙂

Lastly my housemates girlfriend who was living with us went back to Denmark a few weeks ago. While we are all sad, she did send me some links to a few videos her mates have made (A backyard in nowhere and Peter and Rolf on Aitutaki)… They are pretty damned cool, definitely worth a watch. Something to aspire to at the blog. We are going to start filming some little video blogs over the rest of the year, which will be fun, the first of which Graz is editing at the moment (its a one man show, starring Graz, filmed by Graz, edited by Graz). On that note- Graz hurry up! Sadly, they won’t be close to this standard, YET!

Anyway, good luck on the water and I promise my next post will be about me fishing!




*UPDATE- Well me and Lee had a little wager on who would catch the first carp on fly, 5 flies for the winner.   It is with bitter disappointment that I herby announce Lee as the victor. Despite my gallant efforts yesterday afternoon in Gardeners creek, Glen Iris, where I sighted three big carp and missed one take, Lee has beaten me to it… Stay tuned for a photo and I’m sure a blog post in the near future…*