Spare a thought for the gannets- they often die of collision injuries and other links

Well, I have a few posts in the pipeline, but before they can be completed I need to get out fishing a little more to take some more photos etc which just hasn’t been happening recently… I’ve spent most of winter fishing the lakes around Ballarat for trout with limited success. However, my cousin who I fish with, who lives out there has recently been cleaning up, which has happened to coincided with me being away and unable to get out fishing as much as I would like. Damn! Last night he teased me with pictures of a nice 4lb brown and a 5lb+ pound rainbow, both caught within half an hour of each other. So I think he may be a better guy to write about that area than myself 🙂 With the trout season opening in a few weeks in Victoria, I’ll also be spending a lot more time up in the Mountains chasing “bonsai” trout on the tenkara, only really fishing the lakes for the mudeye hatches in summer… In other news, I’m off to Rockhampton and then Great Keppel island for a wedding, where I hope to get away from the festivities for at least a few hours to do a bit of fly fishing… If all goes well, that should give me something to right about.

Anyway, to fill my winter writing gap, its time to post a few links to some interesting articles. Firstly, spare a thought for the gannets that you share your bait schools with, they apparently die quite commonly from collision injuries. Poor things.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been absolutely fascinated by the creatures that inhabit the deep ocean. Here is another weird beast from New Zealand . Closer to the surface an incredibly weird fish that has its genitals on its head and some prettier but slightly less exciting new species of reef fish from Indonesia

Back onto my trip to the tropics at the end of the week, maybe in a few years I wont have to travel that far north to fulfill my dreams of queenfish and the like on fly. Tropical fish are being observed further and further south. Reminds me of some of my weirder catches and observations in the past. Diamond trevally in lake wonboyn, catching mud crabs at thathra and catching a mini GT in a estuary just north of Sydney. The East Australian current brings down some funny fish from time to time 🙂 although not sure how they would be faring now around Eden. Over the weekend, it was completely dead (the foul weather meant I didn’t fish all that hard), but talking to locals the 13 degree water there at the moment has everything completely shut down.

You’ve probably all seen this already- aerial Mako! Probably worth watching again though…

Some amazing photos from the South African sardine run.

A couple of random articles- the North Pacific plastic island is a “myth” and an interesting discussion about why people have portrayed it as something it plainly is not. As fishermen, pollution, overfishing etc have real impacts on us, but in the end, facts are the best way to address those issues IMO.

Next- what are the biggest waves in the ocean? Hawaiian coast maybe? Nup. They are internal waves, hidden under the sea 🙂 As fishermen, we have long been focussing on changes in temperature etc, where fish congregate, so its interesting to learn a bit more about the dynamics of the ocean and potentially why some areas are so much better than others.

Onto some real fishing links. Over at Mick’s gone fishing, he has put together an absolutely huge lure pron post. So many pretty lures, this could get expensive 🙂 Also has a post from a few weeks ago detailing some pretty amazing Sooty fishing. Its been years since I’ve chased sooty grunter but I have very fond memories of chasing them in Northern QLD with dad as a teenager and all the great photos definitely had me itching to get back there and do it again… They really are a great lure target, they go SO hard!

A few fly tying videos just for good measure, given its all I seem to do at the moment when I’m at home given we don’t have a TV- a cod gurgler tied by the guys who run the blog cods country. Gotta tie me a few of these 🙂 And Ben Hohnke tying the jelly belly minnow, a nice little baitfish fly.

Lastly, its years since I had a fish tank, but these wild and whacky ones have me thinking it might be time to get back into it. Especially given we cant have a dog at the moment given we are renting right smack bang in the middle or Melbourne.

Anyway, hopefully some of that interests you, and I promise my next post will actually have unique fishing related content and photos and all that stuff.