The Festive Season

A lot of us will be getting a fair bit of time off over Xmas and New Years and if your anything like us, most of that time will be spent fishing. So to get you all excited for the summer and to make sure you make the most out of your time on the water, here is a list of things to try, some useful advice (hopefully). Pretty much a recap of some of our better posts from the year…

Dress appropriately- Australia’s sun is vicious, so make sure you cover up- here are some ideas on how to be sun smart and look good doing it 😉

Over the Xmas break is the only time a lot of people go fishing. Some casual anglers might need a quick little reminder on how to best kill, care for and fillet their catch. Here are two simple guides we wrote this year (killing and caring for your catch and filleting your catch). Also if you haven’t upgraded to braided line yet here is a little guide on how too

Rigging soft plastics. The basics

Sustainability is all the rage at the moment, In this post Lee does his best to get his head around it

Eat something unusual, squid, octopus, sea urchins, abolone. Here is a guide on how to catch and care for them ponce you have.

Explore a little and do some fishwalking

If it all gets a little too serious, maybe try targetting something small. Chasing slimies, garfish, yakkas and mullet is amazing fun. Its easy to forget that at times.

A guide to catching salmon off the beach!

If your near Canberra explore the Cotter and Goodradigbee  rivers. If your on the South Coast explore the Bermagui river.

Lastly, a few philosophical posts about the joy of fishing. Mother terasa, lure fishing and Boabs.

I hope you enjoy and good luck over the festive season


The Boys.