Autumn vibes

Have you ever watched a fishing DVD, youtube video or read in a magazine about the latest, greatest lure to hit the market.  The one that apparently caught so many fish that you just had to buy it?

Welcome to the world of vibes!

Never heard of a vibe?  Well until recently, me neither.  Then I bought 3 …

Vibes come in all shapes, sizes and colours (image courtesy of Motackle)

 ‘Vibes’ is a name to describe these relatively small metal lures that vibrate insanely fast when you lift or wind them through the water.  They are fitted with two small trebles and often have 3 or more holes on the top so you can adjust the ‘tow point’ and the speed at which they vibrate. 

From what I had seen (on videos), and one brief session with Lee, I knew that vibes were capable of catching flathead and bream.  But the question remained: why buy one of these crazy looking things (which can rust if your not very careful) instead of a couple of packets of plastics for the same price?

To test this, I did what you should do when trying any new toy or piece of gear.  Tie it on, use it all day and don’t revert to your favourite plastic, lure or bait when the going gets tough!