Australian Fishing Blogs- sharing the love

Edit- We have an updated list of Aussie fishing blogs here- since publishing this post, we’ve discovered a heap more great Australian fishing blogs

Well, there aren’t a huge number of Australian fishing blogs out there. But there are a few and a few good ones that deserve a read. These range from the professional, I love fishing blog, which regularly runs pieces by Steve Starling and other fishing identities and is great to amateur blogs such as ours written by people who just love fishing! Given a lot of the blogs don’t come up early on google the purpose of this post is to provide links to as many of them as we can find for your convenience 🙂 (if you know of any others please pass them on)

Amateur blogs

First up a blog run by Russ I reccomend you check it out. Lots of good info and some great trip reports

Then there is Callum, 14 and killing it with lures! If only I was a good a fisherman at his age!

Another east coast blogger, this time further North. Land based with some good fishing reports

Fishing with the big banana blog- game fishing mainly and some other good bits and piece

Murray cod on fly blog, definitely something I want to try!

Niblets carp fishing blog

Professional blogs

I love fishing blog, which is one of the best out there with lots of great articles

Black Marlin fishing blog.

The Two Dans.

Rob Paxevanous and Ben Caddeye both from Canberra, the original stomping ground of all four authors of this blog

So share the love, I know that we are always more motivated to write more articles when we are getting a few hits and a bit of feedback, so click on through and check them out, (especially the amateurs). We will keep updating this post as new blogs arise, so if you find any good ones, please pass on the links!!!


All of us!

Edit- Found a new one and its very impressive!!! Lure and Fly