A few interesting fishing links plus an awesome submarine..

I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos of great whites launching themselves out of the water. Can you imagine how fun that would be? Well if you have a spare million bucks lying around, now you can do that in your own shark like submarine… A very cool machine, definitely on the shopping list if i become a multi millionaire…

There aren’t a huge number of good Australian fishing blogs out there but by far the best of them is I love fishing IMO… Loads of articles, tips and techniques are posted on there all the time, its well worth regularly checking out. For a taste, a trip up a bass creek and a technique post by Steve Starling.

We’ve talked about jigging a fair bit so far and I’m sure we will talk about it more in the future… This is a pretty good guide to getting started and the gear etc that you’ll need and some of the basic techniques…

I’ve never really thought of chasing Marlin till now, this has got me inspired to chase Marlin in dad’s 5.4 meter tinny!

An environmentally friendly fishing line that dissolves in water? If its as good as normal line I’d definitely use it.

Lastly some scary footage from a Japanese coastguard boat riding the waves of the tsunami

I’m off to Eden tomorrow so wish me luck.